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this little story is based on my own quote: "How can a person think if so many voices are screaming at them?"

what? Did you just smile? .Cover your face and feel the cold, red-rich blood stick to your skin.It still smells of him.That guy that use to be happy for the both of you.What did you do? Numb your mind of what you've done and get the hell out of there. No don't you cant look back. Its too late.Run as fast as humanly possible you selfish idiot, do you want to surrender to guilt?Let yourself tremor with rage...THIS IS FOR YOURSELF YOU BASTARD... FEEL GRATEFUL".No mercy

He Stabs Furiously at the fleshy mess.Each time the blade meets his bare arm they wince and smile, hiding the agonising reality that they cannot stop them himself he continues to strike, each one more painful than the last. It's if the pain is trying to escape in form of a smile. He stop. satisfied that its over. Slowly he bring the blood to their face but their expression is as numb as ever.he violently jolts upwards only to fall back to the floor... they let out a finally cry "THIS IS FOR YOURSELF YOU BASTARD... FEEL GRATEFUL" but its as if his body disagrees.He stop moving all together an in a final whisper" I shouldn't of listened to you"  its over.

Stop it ! Just stop! it hurts so much.Why are you laughing a my displeasures. Why do you endure i suffering so much it doesn't solve anything. You love to mutilate yourself but wonder why it hurts so much. Listen to me.Blood should be cherished don't you dare paint your walls with it. quickly while your still sane, run... call for help. It's too late. You brought this upon yourself. there's no hope now.  I SHOULDN'T OF LISTENED TO YOU...
good bye.

about which voice you should listen to. all 3 are the same story but in different point of views.
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December 18, 2012
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